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When it comes to our clients, we aim to please. Check out some recent projects that we had our hands in.


Magnified is made up of lifelong musicians who make their living with their right brain. We have all been in rock bands or are currently in a rock band, keeping our other passions alive.

Good design is kind of like a good song anyway; creative but structured, beautiful and simple. If you have a project that needs a little of that, smack that button below and let’s get the conversation started…


A brief look at what we got going on...

We can accommodate projects big or small. If your project requires our skills and winning personalities, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Always Built Responsive

All of our front-end design is built mobile-first and completely responsive. Current web stats have approximately 60% of all visitors on mobile devices. Is your site responsive?

WordPress Yes

WordPress is not all that we do, but we do a lot of it. As the most popular CMS platform in the world, we believe that it is more than enough for most sites and projects.

Full Custom

When WordPress is not the right platform for your needs, we will not try to force your project into it. We also build full custom web applications tailored just for your needs. Powered by PHP and MySQL.

Project Support

We always strive to be available, responsive and at your beck and call. We're here to give life to your idea, so there is no radio silence from our end.

Post Launch

After the project goes live, you will receive screencast tutorials for your new toy, and we are always available for questions, issues, or new phases after launch.

The Experience Factor

Magnified has been developing for the web for over 15 years, and we have seen a wide range of problems needing a wide range of solutions. But we are still self-aware enough to know that we have not seen it all.
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