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Robert Park Robert Park from Queen Creek wrote on November 15, 2018 at 6:35 AM
I’ve know Marv for almost 30 years. I met him through my friendship with his son Brooks. Little did I know back then how much he would impact my life over the years. We too became friends and along the way I even worked for the family business ADA Racing that he started and later let Brooks take it over. He was a very humble, caring, and passionate man. He always made time for me no matter how busy things were. I always loved being able to sit down and listen to him talk. Whether it was about racing or business or family he always had a great story or advice. I always admired his drive as an entrepreneur he was never afraid to try something even if it was a crazy idea. He always took the risk and most the time it paid off! I never got to say thank you for all that you taught me along the way Marv and you may not realize that you did it without knowing! Rest In Peace my friend I will see you again some day!
Chad Chad from Phoenix wrote on November 13, 2018 at 10:53 PM
Glad to have known you
Joyce Cole Weidenbach Joyce Cole Weidenbach from OMAHA wrote on November 12, 2018 at 8:33 PM
"A man's success is measured by what his wife and children say about him. Money and accomplishments mean nothing if you let your home fail". Marv was a very successful man....we miss him.
Judy Kickland Budd Judy Kickland Budd from Sioux Falls.SD wrote on November 1, 2018 at 9:59 PM
Our hearts are broken at the passing of Marv. I met Marv in Whittier Junior High. Even then he was the kindness, sweetest guy. I ended up with a serious kidney infection that had me bed ridden for 3 months. I couldn’t go to school for those months. Not fun when you are 13 and want to go and do things with your friends. The one thing I looked forward to everyday was 12:10 when Marv would be home for lunch and he’d call me to just talk while he was eating his soup. I’d say “Hey Marv what kinda soup ya having today.” He’d say” Ohhhhh, I don’t know think I’ll have tomato today” so it would go Monday Thur Friday at 12:10 Marv would call and he’d tell me all the “Stuff” that was going on in school.Who broke up with who, who got in trouble in class, all the things teenagers enjoy hearing. Then he’d say “Well, I better get back talk to you tomorrow” and off he’d go. For three months he never missed a day. We were able to pick up our friendship with Marv and Betty when we started coming down to Fountain Hills for the winters. Had some really great times, grilling out,eating out and just hanging out in Happy Jack. He never changed,with Marv what you saw was what you got. One of the smartest men I’ve ever meet. The things he invented were amazing. There was nothing he didn’t know about. He and Bob loved to talk “Guns”.Bob and I are so very thankful for their friendship and no words can express how much we’re going to miss that great guy. He was one in a million.Betty we’re here 24/7 for anything you need. We love you. Bob and Judy
Donald Morningstar Donald Morningstar from Baltimore wrote on November 1, 2018 at 12:00 PM
My story is a recent one – on 10/10/2018 I was able to speak to Marv (Trey St John had alerted me to his current health) so I gave him a call. We spoke three times that day, Marv said we better stop talking because he was killing my phone battery, I told him I’m plugged in we can go all day, once for 28 min, then again for 14 min and once more for 35 min and in that time we shared stories, our outlook on worldly events and politics, his love for his family – how he hated that Betty and the rest of the family were having to deal with his health – how he was able to come to trust people from all over the world and be trusted with handshake deals – his love for Texas and with that being consider a Texan by the people there. How, regardless of political or religious beliefs MUSIC was that one thing that can bring people together – although we both also agreed that many of the famous have turned their events into a political agenda – Marv is responsible for many like me who have had his support to allow us to be the best we could be, for me it was success in the Pro Ski division – or like others on a simple goped (Marv made performance parts for them and Brooks continues to make them), yes they race these things too. In fact one day Marv and I were exploring the streets above Lake Havasu City Arizona while we were in town for a Jet Ski World Finals event and we see this kid coming down the road on a no-ped (basically a push scooter) he was hitting a small bump becoming airborne, his goal was to land the scooter and himself atop a residential electrical box that stood some 4’ or so above the ground . As we watched this kid who after about 5 tries landed his move, Marv looks at me and says I know this boy, he rode for me at the Go-ped World Finals, we flagged him down and Marv said hey you doing anything in a couple of weeks, do you want to ride for me again in Vegas, and with a hand shake he agreed…
Lana and Bill Brinkman Lana and Bill Brinkman from Sioux Falls, SD wrote on November 1, 2018 at 8:35 AM
I've known Marv since grade school when he lived at 31st and Norton Ave. It was so fun reconnecting with Marv and Betty down in Chandler, AZ ! We spent many great times at their house with Bob and Judy (Kickland) Budd grilling out - he makes great ribs! A gentleman, loved cars and Bill enjoyed getting to know him! We miss him already! Love you Marv and thanks for your great company and dinners out with all 6 of us!! So glad to have these memories Betty!!
Kathy Delvecchio - Brave Kathy Delvecchio - Brave from Seattle wrote on October 31, 2018 at 4:45 PM
I only knew him in Jr. High at Whittier in Sioux Falls. I had a crush on him I think because of his softness that he illuminated. He was soft spoken and super nice. Prayers to all his relatives and friends. RIP Marv.
Al Nyhus Al Nyhus from Sioux Falls, S.D. wrote on October 31, 2018 at 1:43 PM
I learned a lot from Marv when he lived in Sioux Falls. He was inquisitive and insightful...always looking for a better way to do things. I'm typing this and smiling about Marv's love for kimchi. The World is a better place for Marv having been here. We are diminished by his passing.
Arvin Vander Veen Arvin Vander Veen from Edgewood, WA wrote on October 31, 2018 at 7:38 AM
Met Marv in the 7th grade and became close friends working on cars together and not always knowing what we were doing but had fun. It was always great seeing him whenever I got to AZ. What a great guy and we lost a good one for sure. God bless his family.
Alan Cain Alan Cain from Elkton wrote on October 31, 2018 at 6:50 AM
One of the nicest friends I've ever had. Marv would go out of his way to make you feel comfortable around him. Will be missed greatly. Rest In Peace Marv, you surly have earned it.
meiping lin meiping lin from Taipei, Taiwan wrote on October 31, 2018 at 1:47 AM
Dear Marv, Thanks for being our nice friend and customer for about two decades. Love to have several truly memorable travels in Taipei with you and your dear families. Hope you are rest in peace right now in heaven.
Annie L. Lai Annie L. Lai from Chiayi, Taiwan wrote on October 30, 2018 at 10:46 PM
We are in Taipei Cycle show currently. Getting back to about 20 years ago, Eric met Marv and Brooks at a sporting show also in Taipei. In the following years we enjoyed very much working with him from project to project. Eric always told me how much hospitality he received from Marv and Betty when he visited in U.S.A., and how pleasantly Marv drove him from Phoenix to LA. We also had great time with him during his several visits in Taiwan. Marv still wrote us one and half month ago that he was feeling pretty good. We still expected to see him again...I would like to say, dear Marv, you are more than a customer but a true friend in our mind forever. RIP, dear Marv.
Humberto Garcia Humberto Garcia from Kerrville Texas wrote on October 30, 2018 at 9:03 PM
It was a pleasure to have met and known such a smart, kind and great person like you buddy..... life is a beautiful gift. I am glad my life and your crossed paths... may the lord have you in his kingdom.
Sandra Hartsburg Sandra Hartsburg from Phoenix wrote on October 30, 2018 at 6:32 PM
It was such a joy to get to know you. Your love of music was definitely a shared passion. But...I really loved that you knew where Bottineau was! You will be missed.
Jan Amator Jan Amator from Goodyear wrote on October 30, 2018 at 11:41 AM
I will always remember his gentle smile and the way his eyes would twinkle when he was telling a story or talking about one of his inventions. He was so willing to laugh and see the beauty in people and things. We are better for having known him and to have Betty in our lives. Rest in peace, dear friend.
Justin Young Justin Young from Dallas wrote on October 30, 2018 at 10:38 AM
So sorry to hear that Marv passed. He will be in my prayers.
Simon Belcher Simon Belcher from Swindon, United Kingdom. wrote on October 30, 2018 at 9:54 AM
Over 22 years ago we met and reconnected again over the last few years. You inspired me with your knowledge and I won more titles with your engines on water than any other...…… you taught me it was not all about crazy top speed but getting to the first turn before every other rider. Life is not about the final destination but the journey, it was a pleasure knowing you and learning so much from you and the world is a poorer place without you. I will never forget you Marv.
Kathy and Dan Deubler Kathy and Dan Deubler from Sun City, Az. wrote on October 30, 2018 at 9:52 AM
Our hearts are full of sorrow this morning as we recap the fond, loving memories we have of our friendship with Marv. Prayers and Blessings go out to Betty, Travis and Brooks this morning. May God look after all of you and help you through these trying times. Just shows us how precious friends can be. Thanks for the memories Marv. Rest In Peace TIL we see you again.
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