Website Hosting & Care Plan

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Website Hosting & Care Plan

High-speed web hosting on a Linux server

Your site is hosted on a superfast server using the newest software versions and caching for site speed.

Unlimited emails @ your domain

If you are currently not using email addresses @yourdomain.com, you have the ability to have unlimited email addresses / accounts set up on your hosting server.

Up to 2 hours of basic site updates every month

Site page text updates, image and logo updates, adding pages to site are all included. Normal hourly rate for these type of updates is $85/hr.

Monthly WordPress updates (plugins/themes/core)

We will make updates to all of the software that your website is using to in sure you are at the latest stable versions and your sites perform at their peak. The WordPress core architecture and plugin landscape sees multiple updates within every month.

Website uptime monitoring

We will monitor your site for any down time or outages and be able to get any issues resolved immediately to help you avoid lost customers and contacts.

Daily website backups to an external server

We will set up daily FULL website backups to an external server, so if for any reason your hosting server ever goes down or your any other issues occur with it, we can easily get it back up on the current server or a new server if necessary within 1 hr or less.

Get all of this for just $69 per month.

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WordPress Website Hosting & Maintenance Plan from Magnified